Tuesday, July 17, 2007


JULY 17, 2007


Namira was actually a quest I stumbled upon a few weeks back, on one of my rare foot travels from my Frostcrag home to Bruma (also – I’d like to point out how I wish it was spelled Burma so I could make MISSION TO BURMA jokes, but alas). According to the quest update, I had to come back when I was ugly or some nonsense like that. Not having the slightest clue what that meant, I forgot all about it.

But then I stumbled upon a page on the invaluable UESP site that had a list of quests you should complete relatively early. Some of them I had already done, some of them I never heard of, and then there were a couple that I had started but not yet completed, so I decided to make those a priority, especially since I had to kill 3 game days before I could resume the Mage quests. Lazy goddamn mages!

I also discovered what they meant by “be ugly” – have a low personality. Of course, the quickest way to give yourself a poor personality rating is to drink cheap wine (which is true outside of the game as well). So I headed over to the Jerall View Inn and stole a few bottles right under the nose of that schmuck Hafid Hollowleg, who sits at the counter of an inn and yet only sells potatoes and pears and the like. Luckily I was not caught, as I wasn’t in the mood for a reload-until-successful trial.

I then headed back to the shrine, drank my wine, and began the quest proper. And let me tell you, this is without a doubt the funniest quest I’ve done so far (to be fair, it’s not like I planned on getting a lot of ha-has out of things with titles like Necromancer’s Moon). Even though it’s in yet another corridor filled dungeon, you don’t have to run around and kill everything one by one until you are bored to tears. Instead, someone else does it for you. You get an otherwise fairly useless spell that extinguishes torches, and use it to leave some muttering priests in total darkness, at which point some morlock type guys run out and kill the priests. Hahahaha, awesome. Best of all, they have no beef with you, so you are free to sit back and relax as men of the cloth are brutally beaten. Again, like real life.

Surprisingly, there was some decent loot in here as well, which netted me about 1k in gold (in addition to the actual gold) later on at the Three Brothers’ Trade Goods in the Imperial Market District. Plus the reward was pretty good, a ring with reflect damage and spell. Nice! I wish I could have kept the random ‘put out fires’ spell, but oh well. Also, still not sure why I had to have a low personality in order to enter a cave and let some priests get killed, but hey, I write blogs, not overly expansive role playing games.

And as a bonus of sorts, as soon as I finished the quest, I got an update letting me know my Smuggler’s Cove crew had returned from their pillaging. Hurrah for theft without consequence!

Shut down console.

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