Thursday, July 19, 2007

When The Vow Breaks

JULY 19, 2007


I don’t even remember picking up the When The Vow Breaks quest. But after buying my Bruma house, I was near broke, and needed a good loot quest. So I activated it and headed where the waypoint told me, which was luckily not too far from Dunbarrow Cave.

On the way, a damn mountain lion attacked me. This fucker would NOT DIE. I stabbed, clubbed, sliced, and fireballed the little bastard for what seemed like 10 minutes before he finally died. Of course, in my backing away and swinging/firing attempts, I managed to irk a wolf and some random bandit, giving me a 3 on one battle. Luckily, I somehow won, though it was close. And the bandit had some decent armor/weapons to sell.

The fort itself wasn’t too difficult. Disintegrating weapons and then bludgeoning everyone to death with my new mace (Truncheon of Submission) proved a winning strategy. Even the boss, a nord named Bjalfi, wasn’t too hard (though I lucked out here, as he was with 2 other gang members who for some reason decided not to help him in his battle. Some friends). Once everyone was dead, I discovered I had certainly gotten my wish. They all had Dwarven or Elven armor (and Bjalfi himself had Ebony, which I kept). All pretty valuable. Of course, also all pretty heavy. It took me an hour (3 trips) to go to Dunbarrow, empty my entire weighted inventory (save for a dagger and a few potions), pick up as much loot as I could (even with a feather spell), go to a store in Anvil, sell, return to Dunbarrow to drop off what I wanted to keep, then repeating the process all over again. Still, I walked away with like 4-5k in gold, plus a nice set of Ebony Armor (which weighs a fucking ton but is certainly better than the Elven/Dwarven mix I had been using), and the reward itself (more gold).

Hahaha, writing these things in Word is a colorful affair. There are more red squiggles under words than there is not.

Anyway, damn good quest.

Shut down console.

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