Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Two Sides Of The Coin

JULY 18, 2007


Since Purchase A Home... took no time, I decided to take on Two Sides Of The Coin, which I believe is the last Bruma based side quest to complete. After hearing the appropriate rumor, I headed into the quest giver’s home, and like all Oblivion residents, she seemingly didn’t mind the intrusion and instead began telling me about her scoundrel husband. Remember when Robert Downey was so high he went into the wrong home? Imagine if, instead of calling the cops and screaming, the little girl was just like “Hey man, wanna help me find some treasure?” Life as we know it could be very different.

Anyway, this quest required me to get thrown in jail. I didn’t want to do that, but a quick consult to the UESP told me I could get thrown in for a minor offense and be left with no infamy or bounty or whatever, so that’s good. I like to be a good guy. Naturally, there was a plot twist here: the guy in jail was innocent, the wife was the actual crook. I wish I could just kill them all and be done with it, but oh well.

I’d also like to address a concern: retrieving your items. They are inside a little chest with an easy lock, but the guard watches you like a hawk, even when you go upstairs. He’s impossible to lose, so how do you get your stuff back? I only had a few stolen scrolls so I don’t care, but still. I assume since it’s there it can be re-obtained, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how.

After this, I got the location of the treasure, which was hilariously located in a chest like 2 feet from the city gate. Looked really hard, did you? Naturally, there was another guy there, who was apparently eavesdropping in the prison when I was told about the location. And of course, he wanted the treasure for himself, and attacked me. He didn’t give me much trouble; though I had trouble finding his sword after I disintegrated it. Damn tall grass!

For all the effort, the treasure was pretty weak: a couple hundred gold and another couple hundred in junk. Plus I lost some stuff to evidence. Lame. But at least I am done with Bruma more or less. That place gives me the creeps. Mainly because it’s so boring.

Shut down console.


Jimmy said...

I'm pretty curious about the "minor offense and be left with no infamy or bounty or whatever" your talking about. I went to UESP myself and found the page for this quest "" but it doesn't seem to say this "minor offence" you've mentioned. It would be great if you could tell me. Thanks a lot.

BC said...

Uh... to be honest I forget. I haven't played the game in ages (other games keep getting in the way). I'll get back to you. This is the first evidence I've gotten that anyone has ever even read this poor blog... If memory serves tho, a minor offense is something like picking a lock in front of a guard or whatever. But I might be wrong.

SpecialK said...

Yeah Boy! I won't waste my time on this quest then, thank you. Burma boring? I'm a Nord and I take that in jest good sir!